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2019 National Urban Extension Conference

Posted by msanderson | October 23, 2019

Innovation in the City: A Land Grant University Experience

May 20-23, 2019
Motif Hotel – Seattle, WA

Washington State University Extension’s Metro Center was proud to coordinate and host the 2019 National Urban Extension Conference on “Innovation in the City: A Land Grant University Experience,” provided opportunities for Extension professionals from all program areas to share their research and innovative educational strategies that address the needs of urban, suburban, and peri-urban populations as well as urban-rural interdependencies.

The only national gathering of Extension professionals who serve our cities. The conference, highlighted strong urban programming and Extension’s opportunity to support the university-level mission of our land-grant universities in our metropolitan regions. With urban focused sessions, mobile tours, networking opportunities, social events, and exhibits the conference both educated and inspired.

Our Role

Metro Center’s event specialists took charge of this national convening from inception to completion.

Our team scouted locations, managed all aspects of budgeting, advisory, programming, and logistics. This 400+ person event included networking events, a poster session, more than 150 presentations, and ten mobile learning workshops throughout downtown Seattle, WA.

Project Team

Conference Chair

Brad Gaolach, Washington State University

Local Planning Committee

Martha Aitken, Washington State University

Maggie Anderson Fasy, Washington State University

National Planning Committee Members

John Byrnes, Penn State University

Sarah Chvilicek, University of Nevada

Cindy S Davies, New Mexico State University Extension

Kristin Davis, North Carolina State University

Jacqueline Davis-Manigaulte, Cornell University

Julie Fox, The Ohio State University

Willie Howard, University of Kentucky

Misty Layne-Watkins, University of Tennessee

Chris Obropta, Rutgers University

Carol Parker, Cornell University

Brenda Rogers, University of Florida

Joaquina Scott Kankam, Prairy View A&M University

Andree’ Walker Bravo, Utah State University

Karen Wobig, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

DeShana York, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Kamran Zendehel, University of the District of Columbia

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