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About the Metro Center

The Metro Center serves as the conduit between metropolitan decision-makers and the knowledge base of the Washington’s research land-grant university to address critical issues facing our communities. Metro Center staff provide management support for all projects including project scoping, assembling the project team, monitoring subcontracts and deliverables, and reporting. By utilizing short-term, project based teams, the Metro Center is able to respond quickly to project requests from metropolitan elected officials, decision makers, and non-profit leaders.Metro Center Staff: Brad Gaolach, Martha Aitken, Haley Hughes, Maria Anguiano, and anthony Gromko

Applied Research

Applied research is at the core of the Metro Center’s work. Applied research is outcome driven and problem-oriented as opposed to theory based. It is dedicated to developing practical knowledge to alleviate modern world problems.

The Metro Center’s applied research includes action research methodologies aimed at engaging stakeholders. By applying existing knowledge to a localized setting, action research is participatory in nature – empowering and utilizing local knowledge to facilitate a learning process amongst the researchers, practitioners, and/or community members.

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