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Poverty Immersion – A Virtual Experience of Life on the Edge


The Poverty Immersion is an interactive workshop that changes attitudes and challenges stereotypes about people facing poverty – paving a pathway toward professional growth and organizational transformation.

Although it uses play money and fictional scenarios, the Poverty Immersion is a role play – not a game. It is a powerful experience that takes only three hours but makes a lasting impact. What you learn about poverty may surprise you.

Poverty Immersion workshops improve the effectiveness of City governments, school districts, public agencies, and non-profit organizations.


1. Policy Development
Lay the groundwork for strategic planning and internal policy development to address equity and access, and more effectively serve people in poverty.

2. Professional Development
Improve decision making and communication when interacting with low income clients and customers.

3. Program Development
Gain new insight into how poverty impacts access to programs and outreach.


The Poverty Immersion Workshop is only the First Step

The Metro Center also helps agencies and organizations take concrete actions to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate sound changes in policies and programs to better serve a diverse clientele. The Metro Center takes an individualized approach, recognizing each organization’s unique structure, needs, and goals to craft sustainable and impactful change.


Two women participating in a Poverty Immersion Workshop

Contact Information

To learn more, contact Martha Aitken by phone at 206-219-2429 or by email at


Regarding COVID-19:

The Poverty Immersion is conducted indoors with a group of up to 100 people interacting in close proximity. There is no virtual substitution for this workshop.