Julie Padowski Ph.D.

Julie Padowski HeadshotClinical Assistant Professor
Email: julie.padowski@wsu.edu
Phone: 509-335-8539

Julie Padowski’s research interests center on interdisciplinary water resource issues, particularly with respect to balancing urban water management with environmental sustainability. Currently working as research faculty for both CEREO and the Washington State Water Research Center, Julie’s research has been aimed at identifying and quantifying urban water vulnerability both at the national and global scale.

Julie earned her M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the Soil and Water Science Department at the University of Florida, and was a post-doctoral research fellow at Stanford University with the Woods Institute for the Environment. As a doctoral student, she was a National Science Foundation Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) fellow in a program focused on the adaptive management of water, wetlands, and watersheds.

Center for Environmental Research, Education and Outreach
PACCAR, Room 256
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-3002

Kevan Moffett Ph.D.

Kevan Moffett headshotAssistant Professor
Email: kevan.moffett@wsu.edu
Phone: 360-546-9413

Kevan Moffett is a physical hydrologist in the School of the Environment and is located on the Washington State University Vancouver campus. Her research and teaching span natural and built environments, with particular foci on soil moisture-plant-water interactions and surface water-groundwater interactions. She earned a PhD in Hydrogeology and Earth System Science from Stanford in 2010 and a BS in Environmental Engineering from Yale in 2002. She also worked as an environmental engineering consultant and geographic information system specialist on New York City drinking water supply watershed and pipe system modeling. In addition to research on post-wildfire landscape recovery and coastal wetlands, a major focus of Dr. Moffett’s Ecohydrology research group is the water cycle of urban environments, including plant water use, soil moisture resources, stormwater runoff, and management and the influence of diverse and sharp land use contrasts on these processes. An important aspect of this work is collaborating with municipal staff to achieve research-management synergy that can advance both science and practice.

WSU – Vancouver
Vsci Room 230p
14204 NE Salmon Creek Ave. (MAP)

Karl Englund Ph.D.

Karl Englund headshotAssociate Research Professor
Email: englund@wsu.edu
Phone: 509-335-6259

Karl Englund currently works at Washington State University’s Composite Materials and Engineering Center. He graduated with a BS in 1988 and MS degree in 1991 in Wood science at West Virginia University. Prior to completing his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Washington State University in 2001, Karl was a technical director for Trus Joist MacMillan (now Weyerhaeuser). He started as a faculty for Washington State University’s Composite Materials and Engineering Center in 2008 and is now an Associate Research Professor. His research focuses on processing composites and utilizing waste materials as feedstocks for composites and bioenergy. Much of his work at the Center finds him collaborating with government agencies, non-profits, and industry.

Andrew Cassey Ph.D.

Andrew Cassey headshotAssociate Professor
Email: cassey@wsu.edu
Phone: 509-335-8334

Andrew Cassey (Ph.D. University of Minnesota, 2008) is the lead in the School of Economic Sciences’ Community and Regional Economics program. He is a development economist with expertise in international trade and policy at the state and regional level. His scholarly research includes work on the efficacy of export promotion programs and the factors affecting the location of exporting firms. In addition to his scholarly work, Dr. Cassey has experience in teaching economics, media engagement, and outreach efforts. Andrew often provides leadership on Center projects related to Industrial organization, regional economics, and growth and development.

Other projects in the Community and Regional Economics program include analysis of Washington State exports and Regional Economic Modeling. The results of these projects are released with Extension publications, seminars and workshops, and press and interviews.

Mark Beattie Ph.D.

Mark Beattie headshotProgram Coordinator & Clinical Assistant Professor: School of Hospitality Business Management NPSE
Email: mabeattie@wsu.edu
Phone: 425-405-1751

Dr. Beattie is Program Coordinator and Clinical Assistant Professor in the School of Hospitality Business Management at WSU Everett. Dr. Beattie teaches a full range of hospitality coursework, including managed services and event planning. Nearly all of his courses are designed using hybrid and online course delivery with experience in designing over 20 courses. He has taught and researched internationally in Switzerland and Tanzania. Dr. Beattie has over 15 publications and conference proceedings to his credit including publications in Jesuit Higher Education, The International Journal of Higher Education and Democracy, and The International Journal of Servant-Leadership. Dr. Beattie is a reviewer for the Hospitality and Tourism Graduate Student Education and Research Conference and is an Assistant Editor for Narrative Magazine. Dr. Beattie has over 30 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry with 20 of those years in management positions with restaurants, hotel food and beverage operations, and managed services. Dr. Beattie often provides leadership on Center projects related to hospitality and higher education.

North Puget Sound at Everett
915 N. Broadway
Everett, WA 98201 (MAP)

Haley Hughes

Haley Hughes HeadshotCommunication Coordinator
Email: Haley.Hughes@wsu.edu
Phone: 206-219-2432

Haley has been with the Community and Economic Development unit since 2016 where she supports all areas of communication. She often provides leadership on Center projects related to social media marketing, digital content promotion, and website content management. Haley graduated with honors from WSU’s Edward R. Murrow College of Communication with her degree in Integrated Strategic Communication. In her free time, Haley enjoys spending time at the beach, traveling, and going to concerts. She also loves hosting bbq’s and dinner parties for her friends and family.


WSU Seattle Office
901 5th Avenue, Ste 2900
Seattle, WA 98164 (MAP)

Anthony Gromko

Anthony Gromko HeadshotCommunity Sustainability Specialist
Email: Anthony.gromko@wsu.edu
Phone: 425-405-1570

Anthony is a community economic development professional and educator with over 13 years experience in urban settings in both Washington State and abroad. He brings expertise in cross-cultural engagement, economic resiliency, social business innovation, and multi-sector partnerships. Anthony aspires to leverage his experience and passion for leadership development, social change, and environmental sustainability to further strengthen our region. Anthony often provides leadership on Metro Center projects relating to sustainable systems, organizational leadership, micro-finance, and entrepreneurship and Small Business Development.
WSU Everett
915 N. Broadway
Everett, WA 98201 (MAP)

José Garcia-Pabón Ph.D.

Jose Garcia HeadshotCED Acting Assistant Director
Email: Garciajl@wsu.edu
Phone: 425-357-6008

Dr. José García-Pabón, an Associate Professor at the Metro Center, brings over 25 years’ experience in international and domestic urban development. His areas of expertise include economic development and opportunities for socially disadvantaged urban populations, multicultural leadership with young adults and college students, and cross-cultural training and facilitation for/with leaders and managers in the educational and non-profit world.

He further expands the Metro Center’s ability to serve organizations, agencies, and institutions working with non-traditional communities through his research and extension agenda to understand the experience and needs of Latino, immigrant and minority entrepreneurs, farmers, and youth.

WSU Everett
915 N. Broadway
Everett, WA 98201 (MAP)

Maria Anguiano

Maria Anguiano headshotOperations Manager
Email: m.anguiano@wsu.edu
Phone: 206-219-2426

Maria brings over 10 years of experience in higher education administrative operations to WSU Extension’s Community and Economic Development unit. She oversees the Metro Center’s day-to-day operations with a “can do” attitude and enjoys working with faculty and community partners. Maria holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and enjoys volunteering and traveling.

WSU Seattle Office
901 5th Avenue, Ste 2900
Seattle, WA 98164 (MAP)

Martha Aitken

Martha Aitken HeadshotSenior Associate for Metropolitan Extension
Email: aitkenm@wsu.edu
Phone: 206-219-2429

Martha brings 20 years of experience in the non-profit and business sectors, as well as leadership roles with WSU county Extension, to the Metro Center. She is known for her ability to effectively manage diverse projects ranging from small and local to multi-state and national, and her ability to build relationships between the community and academia. Martha often provides leadership on Metro Center projects related to improving equity and access, organizational development and professional development.


Metropolitan Center for Applied Research and Extension
WSU Seattle Office
901 5th Avenue, Ste 2900
Seattle, WA 98164 (MAP)