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Grant-making & Request for Proposal Development Services


WSU’s Metro Center helps non-profits, agencies, governments, and foundations create quality grant making and Request for Proposal (RFP) programs to:

  • Increase the quality of the applications you receive
  • Increase the efficiency of the review process
  • Insure that the short-term strategies of your RFP project align with the goals of your agency
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The Art of Developing an RFP

A successful grant making program begins with a well-crafted RFP that encourages applicants to directly address the needs and objectives of one’s project. Clearly written proposals, aligned with one’s organizational goals and objectives will streamline the review process – insuring funded projects to truly address the needs, goals, and objectives of an organization.

Crafting an RFP that is not carefully or thoughtfully written may lead to poor proposals that do not align with your goals and objectives – resulting in a waste of valuable time and an organization’s resources.


The Metro Center offers a wide array of services in order to help organizations create effective RFP’s. These services include:

  • Focused one-on-one RFP assistance with an experienced Metro Center professional. These services may include drafting the RFP for agency review or reviewing existing RFP(s) prior to release.
  • Designing a quality pre-award process that fits your organizations resources along with any specific requirements associated with the RFP or funding source.
  • General workshops provided in a classroom setting to learn the basic components of a quality RFP and tips on how to manage a pre-award process. This may be ideal for agencies who release funds with the expectation that recipients further distribute those funds to other collaborators.
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The Metro Center

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WSU Expertise

With nearly 50 years of combined experience in reviewing and responding to RFP’s and developing high-quality proposals, the Metro Center is well positioned to contextualize their expertise to each organization’s unique proposals.

A Different Perspective

The Metro Center’s diverse team at WSU has the unique ability to assist organizations in their RFP writing process by offering a valuable perspective – the respondent’s perspective.

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  • Improve quality of responses to one’s RFP
  • Increase capacity to develop, manage, and handle the RFP process
  • Gain insight on the respondent’s perspective
  • More opportunities and funded projects that address the needs, goals, and objectives of an organization

Contact Information

To learn more, contact Martha Aitken by phone 206-219-2429 or by email at