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“Why Don’t They Come?” Strategies to Increase Latino Participation in Extension Programs


This cultural competency training is structured to provide participants an understanding of the diversity of the Latino/a community, cultural traits and values, demographics, the origins of the Latino/a population in the US and the Pacific Northwest, and some best practices to reach out and communicate cross culturally. It includes hands-on practical activities such as case studies, and simulated situations. The purpose of this workshop is to provide participants with the tools and information to be better prepared to reach out to Latinos and other minority populations.

The specific goals of the training for participants are to:

  • Better understand the Latino community, its cultural values, and beliefs
  • Gain or reinforce best practices and effective methods in working with Latinos/as
  • Start or expand partnerships to serve Latino families and other underserved communities
  • Acquire strategies to overcome challenges and pitfalls


About the Facilitator

Dr. José García-Pabón, an Associate Professor at the Metro Center, brings over 25 years’ experience in international and domestic urban development. His areas of expertise include economic development and opportunities for socially disadvantaged urban populations, multicultural leadership with young adults and college students, and cross-cultural training and facilitation for/with leaders and managers in the educational and non-profit world.

He further expands the Metro Center’s ability to serve organizations, agencies, and institutions working with non-traditional communities through his research and extension agenda to understand the experience and needs of Latino, immigrant and minority entrepreneurs, farmers, and youth.

Contact Information:
425 357-6008