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May 2022 Urban Extension News Bulletin

Posted by msanderson | May 16, 2022

Features:  NUEC’22 Western Meetup, WSU colleagues presenting at NUEC, WCMER to release 2022 fellowship application

Dear Colleagues,

May 18th marks the 42nd anniversary of the eruption of Mt. St. Helens. The blow zone of Mt. St. Helens was the site of my first undergraduate research. I remember it as a barren moonscape wasteland of pumice stone.  I was there observing and catching lady bugs in 1990. The eruption anniversary serves as a reminder to us of the urban-rural continuum. And with that, the collaborative role that Extension may play in applied research, planning, and community engagement. If you’re an Extension professional with ties to wildfire, urban smoke, forest regeneration, or a former entomologist like me, perhaps you’ll take the opportunity this month to go see how the forests surrounding Mt. St. Helens have regenerated.

Do you have a special interest in urban smoke and wildfire, or another innovation focus in urban Extension? Then let’s chat over coffee or at the Western Region Dinner meetup at NUEC’22. I’m also looking forward to catching presentations at the conference from WSU colleagues (featured below).

Until next time, be well, and keep in touch with us about events, jobs, and news we can share with our local WSU Urban Extension community on your behalf.  Tweet us @wsumetrocenter and @westernmetro.


Brad Gaolach Ph. D. | He/Him
Washington State University Extension
Director | Metropolitan Center for Applied Research & Extension
Director | Western Center for Metropolitan Extension & Research
Professor | Community & Economic Development
Phone: (425) 405-1734 | WSU Direct: 21734 | Twitter: @WSUMetroCenter LinkedIn



NUEC ’22 WCMER Dinner Meetup

The Western Center for Metropolitan Research & Extension invites it’s university members and any other conference attendees with an interest in learning more about the WCMER or it’s fellowship program to meet up for dinner on Tuesday, 5/24 at 7pm! RSVP in the Meetups and Virtual Meets in the Community section of the Whove app. The Whova event app can be downloaded at the Google Play or Apple stores.  Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

View Website >>

multi colored circle icon for National Urban Extension Conference ebing held 5-23-26 2022 in Camden New Jersey


WSU Urban Extension Presenters at NUEC’22

Six WSU representatives have been selected to present at the upcoming National Urban Extension Conference at Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey.

Click to see who >>


WCMER to release call for applications for 2022 research fellowships

The Western Center for Metropolitan Extension and Research began funding urban Extension applied research fellowships in 2015. The fellowships have been established  to spur innovation within Extension, address complex issues facing metropolitan areas, and support the organizational needs of urban Extension programs. Keep an eye out in your inbox for an announcement next month.

Learn more at the WCMER website >>

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