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Local Investment Networks


Local Investment Networks (LIN) connect local business owners in need of capital with local investors. The mission of a LIN is to keep local capitol rooted and revolving within the community.

LIN is not a venture fund, a bank or a financial institution. LIN consists of individuals who support surrounding businesses by investing locally – putting their funds to work within their neighborhoods. By investing in a local enterprise you support your local economy, facilitate greater economic self-sufficiency and increase the local quality of life.

How It Works

For Businesses: LIN is an alternative to banks or other commercial lenders. The post-recession credit market has tightened, and LIN offers businesses an alternative to borrowing money from your neighbors, customers and others interested in your success.

For Investors: LIN is a way to see where your money is going and who it is helping. It enables you to invest in the local businesses that make your community the unique place it is.


  • The level of familiarity and knowledge that comes with a local investment provides investors with greater insight into the business.
  • Interest rates on loans generally reflect the higher risk premium.
  • Dividends and repayment may also take the form of payment-in-kind.
  • The rewards are more than financial – by investing in a local enterprise you support your local economy and increase the local quality of life.

Contact Information: 

To learn more, contact Brad Gaolach by phone 425-405-1734 or by email at

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The Process

  1. A business contacts LIN network and submits application.
  2. A LIN contact person directs the application and funding opportunity to relevant investors in the network.
  3. Interested investors contact the business and vet out the opportunity.
  4. The deal is negotiated and then funded.
  5. Establish Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments and continue involvement with the borrower.
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