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Don’t Throw Away Those Eclipse Glasses

Posted by | August 22, 2017

young girl looking at the solar eclipse with protective eye wearYou have somehow managed to win the Black Friday-like scramble for eclipse glasses. You weren’t clawing out anyone’s eyes to get the last ones at your local library, and you weren’t one of the unfortunate people who got bunk glasses online. Your vision isn’t ruined. You’ve emerged from the Great American Eclipse victorious and enlightened. Maybe you even shed a tear at its beauty.

Congratulations. You won the eclipse. But don’t throw those eclipse glasses away.
If you aren’t hoarding them for the 2024 eclipse, there is a very good use for them. Astronomers Without Borders will take them off your hands and put them in the hands of children. The glasses will be redistributed across South America and Asia for the 2019 total solar eclipse. They will be used to aid STEM education in schools that can’t afford to provide glasses for their students.
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