Ideas for Action Exchange


The Metro Center’s Ideas for Action Exchange builds the capacity of a community service organization (such as a Rotary Club) to support their local entrepreneurs through the implementation of focus groups. This service enhances community-based entrepreneurship by helping local entrepreneurs identify and address a strategic challenge they face through a formal idea exchange and action planning process.

The Ideas for Action Exchange service builds onto a community’s business support ecosystem and delivers value as follows:

  • Supports local entrepreneurs who are experiencing a particular challenge or
  • Offers a community-based venue for an in-person exchange of
  • Builds strategies and actions for improving community-based businesses.
  • Provides a better understanding of the local economy and strengthened relationships.

Workshops include the following:

conducting in-person meetings with the local service organization; gathering community stakeholders; detailing structure, roles, and responsibilities; supporting the recruitment of entrepreneurs; facilitating the initial focus group session; and providing a framework for ongoing assessment. Project activities with the community service organization are delivered over the course of six months.

About the Facilitator

Anthony Gromko, is an assistant professor of community and economic development with WSU’s Metro Center and is a certified trainer for the Ice House Entrepreneurship program. Anthony has worked extensively with entrepreneurs and students throughout the Pacific Northwest region over the past 10 years.

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