Financial Roadmap Series

An educational program developed to engage participants
in the fundamental aspects of financial performance.            



In partnership with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) network, the Metro Center is now offering Profit Mastery workshops to new and existing SBDC clients.

Our financial management education for established businesses utilizes a time-tested curriculum called Profit Mastery that examines how to manage a company from its financial reports.

This training series includes how to monitor a company’s financial position; ways to identify causes of financial distress and how to cure them; and how to manage and understand costs, contribution margins and financial statements. This workshop series consists of six lessons and can be delivered in a two, three, or four day format.

Applicable to academic, financial and economic development organizations, it’s aim is to provide students, entrepreneurs, small business owners and advisors with a roadmap for understanding and improving a business’s financial performance.

Workshops Include the Following:

Introduction to Profit Mastery, Financial Position, Price-Cost-Volume, Cash Flow, Manage Growth and Investment and Transition

About the Facilitator:

Anthony Gromko, is an assistant professor of community and economic development with WSU’s Metro Center and is a certified trainer for the Ice House Entrepreneurship program. Anthony has worked extensively with entrepreneurs and students throughout the Pacific Northwest region over the past 10 years.

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