Active Projects

Promoting Urban Food, Energy and Water Resource Resilience via the Regional Food System
Urban areas are major consumers of food, energy, and water (FEW). While the water and energy generally originate within an immediate geographic region, the food may be sourced globally. The Washington State University Metro Food Energy Water Seed Grant Research Team seeks to understand how food, energy and water are interdependent in the context of…

Completed Projects

STEM Mentor Training
With the number of aerospace jobs outpacing the amount of trained engineers to fill them, the Metro Center, in collaboration with Pierce County, created the online curriculum: STEM Mentor Training. This curriculum encourages companies in the aerospace and STEM-based sectors to support the growth of their industry by mentoring the next generation of engineers.
America’s Best Communities Competition
America’s Best Communities is a three year $10 million competition that aims to increase economic development in small communities. The Metropolitan Center for Applied Research and Extension has provided leadership for the City of Arlington and the Town of Darrington as they progress throughout the competition.