Poverty Immersion

The Poverty Immersion – A Virtual Experience of Life on the Edge

The Poverty Immersion is an interactive workshop that changes attitudes and challenges stereotypes about the working poor – paving a pathway toward professional growth and organizational transformation. Although it uses play money and fictional scenarios, the Poverty Immersion is a role play – not a game. It is a powerful experience that takes only three hours but makes a lasting impact. What you learn about poverty may surprise you.


… yesterday one manager stopped me in the parking lot to share he has thought of nothing else since the workshop.  He has set up a meeting with his director to discuss how his department might change a policy he feels penalizes people who are poor.

A Poverty Immersion can be effective for:

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Strategic Planning: lay the groundwork for strategic planning and internal policy development to address equity and access, and more effectively serve people in poverty

Professional Development: improve decision making and communication when interacting with low income clients and customers

Program Development: gain new insight into how poverty impacts access to programs and outreach

Volunteer Training: increase volunteers’ effectiveness by helping them understand the experiences and needs of the people they serve

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